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When I look outside, I can’t help but feel blessed. The colors of fall and the welcomed cool air gives me a calming feeling that only God can give. Until my mind gets in the way of His work. In my home town, we are farmers and many years I remember family and friends in shear panic at this time. “It’s Harvest and we need to get the crops up before the frost or all the work is lost.” This familiar panic has come to me many times during my few years of ministry.

Many times I find myself focusing on only part of Luke 10:2 “The harvest is plentiful, but the laborers are few.” PANIC! Am I doing enough? Do I have enough kids coming to programing? Am I telling enough people about Jesus? Am I saying the right things? How many are listening? What is enough? Is there a number that gives me a ‘good job’? Then God reminds me to stop thinking so much and read the rest of what He wants me to understand.

“The harvest is plentiful, but the laborers are few. Therefore pray earnestly to the

Lord of the harvest to send out laborers into his harvest” Luke 10:2

The Lord knows we are few and we are not all amazing speakers or know the answers to the impossible questions, but He wants us to rely on Him for those answers. We cannot make people believe in the Lord; only God can do that heart changing task. But God has shown us how to invest in the people that we are ‘harvesting’; with love, kindness, and understanding. He has shown us how to be good farmers.

Take this story in consideration:

There were two farmers. Both loved their work and cared for their crops. One farmer had many machines, workers, and every year had large amounts of acreage to plant. The other farmer had very little and only a few acres to plant his crops. He did not have the machines to weed and fertilize the land but he knew God had a plan for his crops. So, the small farmer was out in his field everyday weeding the rows, watering the plants, and feeding the soil. When harvest came, both farmers had beautiful crops. They were full of color and pleasant to eat. The larger farmer was able to sell his crops to many grocery stores that were able to provide food to thousands of families. This brought a smile to his face every year as he sees his crops impacting families all over. The small farmer brought his crops to the shelters in town. His crops were able to feed few but he still smiled every year. He knew there was a purpose and he could see his crops impacting those few in need. Both farmers were great and pleased God.

The Lord has not given me the gift to be an amazing speaker or the ability to impact millions all at one time. I am not and may never be a Rick Warren or Francis Chan. But God has blessed me with family and friends that I can impact here around me. I can invest in lives of people around me and in return, with God’s help, cause a chain reaction of investing in the lives around them. I trust God can and will change hearts along the way. Don’t panic about the amount of people you impact but rather the quality of time and effort of those that you are able to impact. Trust that God can and will take care of the rest.

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